Ezim Pharmacy
A local community pharmacy based in Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria.

Faced problems around record keeping and communicating efficiently with their clients.

They’d tried bulks SMS in the past, however this depended on remembering to create and send messages appropriately.

On adopting Wella Health, Ezim pharmacy dedicated a laptop for the entry of patient data.

As data is entered, Ezim pharmacy is able to deliver drug information to the patient’s phone at the point of care for future reference

They’ve been able to notify patients for refills and provide regular health tips

Ezim pharmacy now have the contact information and drug history of close to 1,000 of their patients and are seeing an increase in patient loyalty and satisfaction

Our patients are returning to say, Thank you for that text. If not for it, I would have forgotten to come for my drugs.”
- Mrs Ezim, MD Ezim Pharmacy
Victory Drugs

A community pharmacy based in Festac, Lagos State, Nigeria

At Victory drugs, patients would often show up to buy their medications but would not be able to remember the drug name.

After some guesswork, the correct drug is often not found. This would lead to frustration for both pharmacist and patient and result in a lost sale.

With Wella Health, Victory drugs were able to speedily keep and retrieve records of medications dispensed to patients.

This meant less frustration and more satisfaction for patients and pharmacists.

The added benefit of automatic refill reminders meant that patients have become more loyal and adherent to their medications.

We can trace names of drugs for patients who usually forget what drugs they’re taking
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